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Imagine this offer comes to you when you've got a soapy bucket of diluted diarrhoea looped over a Marigold that, if you're honest, definitely has a hole in it. The people behind it were a group of wealthy lawyers, very, very solid, and I auditioned for them in a high-rise office building. The Party at Kitty & Stud's was a horrendous film and was never released.

The film he received that sum for appearing in was originally called The Party at Kitty & Stud's, but as soon as its young star got famous for going the distance with Apollo Creed it was renamed Italian Stallion because #Marketing.

But there's a high probability that you never bothered to watch it because watching literally anything else is a way better idea. It opens with a woman standing in a black coat in a snowy field, but she for some reason is never mentioned again and is possibly just in a frame from a Hammer horror film that got spliced by accident.

Then it cuts to a training montage in the snow which we can refer to as Rocky 0.5 if we're being generous: It's in the snow, and he's running through a park and doing pull-ups on some monkey bars, leaping up to hit branches as he passes some trees.

Imagine this going on for 10 minutes with a phone-sex voiceover saying things like "Dropping the soap lets me get closer to my favourite part of his body" and you're basically watching it.