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The Islamic religion makes social interaction between men and women more conservative on the surface.The working and middle class girls for the most part are good girls in actions but are flirtatious.Dokki Area of Cairo, it has the foreign embassies and a lot of Expats from Russian and Europe living there. Cairo is chaotic but safe, the last time I was there.

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Instead, better is to go to the lower quality star hotels, the lower your tolerance the better as you get cheaper tourists.

What do I care about how the receptionists are smiling at you if you are collecting numbers mobile numbers.

When you go to an entertainment spot you will notice an inordinate number of guys on their mobile phones rather than paying attention to the entertainment. You will start to see female screen nicks like “Your Cleopatra” or “Blue Nile Egyptian girl”.

The dating culture, and I am talking about the respectable side, not the dark side, is all underground.

Russian and Polish girls stay at these hotels in Egypt in ascending order of accommodation price: These are the hotels you will meet them in or around.