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I will be brutal here; You are stupid if you think an affair is fun lark.Married people often have affairs due to purely selfish desire and due to sheer boredom and it will hurt you. An opportunity is presented to you and you are too greedy to say no.In the very beginning you will see quite a lot of your new lover.

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If they haven't become single within 12 weeks they probably never will.

They must leave not for you but for their own reasons.

You will have to endure endless months of discussing what it will be like when you are together (which you probably never will) and you will face comparisons with their spouse at every turn, even if they never vocalize it.

You will be expected to be available just in case because one can never tell when your crutch-like strength will be required and you will be thankful for any small morsel of time you are given.

Indeed you will be praised for just how understanding you are. In the meantime they will be tucked up in bed with their other half trying to fix things.