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Speaking of keeping your mouth shut, for whatever reason, DJs are just so damn sexy in the eyes of female clubbers.

(Clearly, you thought so too once, but now you know better.) Looks have nothing to do with it. Night after night, all of those women in their skimpy outfits will lurk around your boyfriend and try to secretly slip him their phone numbers.

Apparently, both Minissha's and Ryan's parents too know about the relationship and have no objections to the match.

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You seem to have stumbled upon a solution to some of these problems when the staff asks you to help out at the door and collect the cover charge or sell tickets or cross names off a list.

At first you might be thrilled: Finally there is a chance for you to be productive! You will quickly realize that you're basically working for free and handing out change under the influence of the light buzz you need to maintain just to be there is trickier than your math midterms.

And as if this weren't enough, hordes of "old friends" will touch him, hug him and still seem shocked at the fact that he is in a relationship.

Enduring all of this disrespectful behavior, you still have to try to keep your mouth shut because being friendly to them is part of his job.

Although they are the most arrogant people you will probably ever meet, you'll never quite understand the reasons behind their self-confidence.

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    This doesn’t mean shutting him or her out while you’re at work.

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