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Sexy pictures are not taken in bathrooms– dumps are taken in bathrooms.

And his mirror is dirty, which makes him look like he soiled his shirt.

I reached out to several women of my acquaintance in order to gain a spectrum of ages and occupations; after all, if you want to meet women in their late 20s to early 30s, it hardly helps to get the opinion of an 18 year old, no?

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If the classic bathroom mirror pose is honestly the only picture you can get of yourself, at least be classy enough to remove the tampon bags from the background.

Caroline: Here we have a slanted photo taken by a guy who is clearly unable to pry himself away from his electronics enough to take the ear bud out of his ear. ) maxi pads in the back of the photo (unless those are diapers) and some sort of cleaning product.

They are designed to show you every flaw before you walk out into the world.

His shirt may be brand new and freshly cleaned, but it looks worn out and dirty.

The only thing that would give me pause is the fact that the seriousish look buttoned-up shirt gleaming kitchen appliances in the background make me think he’s way too type A for me.