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I don’t care if she has kids, don’t want kids, is barren, divorced, whatever.

Again this points towards, he’s probably been left for a baby dad, or two. First off this implies that the children’s father does not love them, simply because he is not with their mother. I’ve learned that a lot of children have an impeccable sense of character. She has an entitled attitude because she’s in fact a single mother. James, EVERY woman should be treated like a queen by someone who claims they want to be with her.

To say any man would be her last priority just because clearly you were made to be a last priority by someone is ridiculous. Hell, I messed up with my choices in fathers, TWICE! Again, that just has to be the type of woman he gets. I didn’t bring everyone my problems before my kids, I don’t bring them to everyone now. “A single mother has no interest in a man she’s dating.” The hurt just oozes from this statement. James, I am 26, have two kids with two different men, I’m 5′ 7″, 230 lbs, and currently am a cashier at retail store and a front desk agent at a hotel. I bet money that the number of men who lie about how many children they have, outnumbers the women. If I am already “never available” as he’s previously stated, I don’t have time to waste. Everyone has baggage, children are not a requirement for it.

No, my love, you aren’t her FIRST priority, nor should you expect to be. Yes, I missed some key signs that should have raised an antenna about their possible future behavior regarding our children. I don’t verbally abuse anyone, and becoming a mother did not change that. James insinuated children of single mothers are ill behaved, now if I yell at them because they are misbehaving I’m an abusive psycho. Since when does having children equal a pathetic life? How does one lie about how many children they have, when they are the one raising them? What sense would it make to say “oh I only have one kid.” As single mothers, most of us don’t have time to waste someone’s time, because it simultaneously wastes ours. James’ hang up from what was clearly a highly negative emotional experience for him.

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