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Whether it’s your first break together, or you’ve been married for years, there is something magical about leaving work or your online MEAD degree studies behind, leaving your family and friends, and being alone together.

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I can't believe it's been three years since he left us. I never wanted to ask this due to its sensitive nature but with 3 years passed, I hope I can ask now.

Though I'm sad on this day thinking of him being gone, I know he's with our Heavenly Father and that gives me peace. Was his passing a surprise or did Dave live life as positive as he did even knowing his health condition could end his life as suddenly as it did? It it was do wonderful of his parents to include "Birdsfan" on the back of his grave marker. Was very new to bgp and learned about a gathering at hofbrau house...ducked and dived my way thru a busy crowd there!

It's so negative, depressing and downright toxic, that I'd close it down tomorrow given half the chance.