Dating head line

Recent research suggests that the most attractive hobbies and keywords to include in your dating profile are travel, yoga, surfing, politics, photography, watching/playing sport, cooking and learning music.

If your headline can't express anything more creative than that, then you're missing a huge opportunity to stand out from the crowd—a crowd that includes millions of singles who also are lonely, looking for love and seeking their matches.

Sell yourself Ask your friends what they think a prospective date would find most attractive about you. Turn on the charm In online dating, unless your first impression is positive, it may also be your last.

The same qualities that make you special: Your unique sense of humor; your captivating smile; your brilliant brain, your good heart... To receive more responses — and attract the kind of matches you really want to meet — try these 10 tricks to revise your headline and grab someone's attention: 1.

Making your headline special What makes a headline hot?

Men should avoid including “going out with friends” as a hobby (although women can safely include this), while women need to avoid the words “making a difference”, as it puts men off.