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Danish girls have thick, stout builds, with Pepsi can bodies and faces that have come into contact with every branch of the ugly tree.

They rank up there with the women of Fortaleza, Brazil, as the huskiest women I’ve ever seen.

She keeps her arms still while hunching her shoulders over like a wild boar, as if she wants to barrel into something.

Sometimes she tilts her head down to add to the masculine effect.

Just like in America, it’s not proper to shame fatties into not being so fat, so Danish people are more likely to attribute someone’s disgusting obesity to a glandular problem than from constantly stuffing their pie hole.

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    For example, protection could be enhanced by legalizing prostitution and maintaining the illegality of a third party, like a pimp or trafficker, from benefitting financially from a prostitute’s work.

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    and that's going to be the lining of the vagina.' 'When people don't do well, after their transition, it's because they have absolutely no support system.

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    In conjunction with the libraries, the Canadian War Museum is hosting its own Human Library, featuring a war artist, a war vet, a ranking officer and other war-themed memoirists spanning 60 years of history.

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    There's no one job that I won't help out with or get stuck in no matter how seemingly unglamorous it is from the outside.