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but what's it without a little bit of pain pain increases pleasure meghana.mrajan: hmmm ok ok... me: and i'd go down from ur chin and do the same on ur neck PM meghana.mrajan: but to first wid it needs to be slow na hmmm u r makiong me visualize don know whether its good or bad me: oh it is meghana.mrajan: ok ok.. PM continue weetheart sweetheart me: den below ur neck meghana.mrajan: hey wait there let me also do u the same then u go further down me: oh sure PM meghana.mrajan: big surely ill bite a bit hard ok me: oh i'd love it good if u get wild i'll love it meghana.mrajan: hahah better for both..

now u can sontinue sorry continue PM me: i'll pull down whatever ur wearing meghana.mrajan: hmm pull down? me: yes.....i'll pull it how much ever i can....lick u meghana.mrajan: hmmm lick where?

i'll put my body and my hard manhood against u when u can feel the hardness meghana.mrajan: hmmm ya better.. PM i can feel u bare on top me: i'd tear away ur undergarments and slide my finger inside meghana.mrajan: no not tat far... PM me: i would atleast remove if not tear meghana.mrajan: hmmm ll see dont do tat me: and finger u till the moment u give in and hit the climax.... PM meghana.mrajan: hmmm tats not possi.. meghana.mrajan: hmmm wait i ythink i took t wrongly PM wat did ya say ll do nu me: have u ever done it to urself?? me: i will PM and i will make it red meghana.mrajan: hmmm ya don mind me: n when i have my mouth on one will squeeze the other and i would give u the pain to make u scream PM meghana.mrajan: hmmm i wud bite ur hands me: yeah bite me i'd continue to squeeze u more PM meghana.mrajan: hmmm then slow down me: oh sure... PM i'm going crazy meghana.mrajan: i am alreasy feeling u like mad i wish u were here..

me: u better not meghana.mrajan: hmm me: i'd have not listened to u PM i'd have put myself inside u meghana.mrajan: wat????

meghana.mrajan: hmmm ill keep pushing ur hand away na me: that u'll lose the strength to stop me in the pleasure PM meghana.mrajan: hmmm ill bite ur nips again harder this time me: oh yes....dat'll make me go crazy PM meghana.mrajan: ya tat make both of us go wild me: which will make me slide my hands inside u meghana.mrajan: hmmm ya ok... me: i can finger u and make u cum so hard wanna try?? me: oh den do it PM meghana.mrajan: u have made me feel so different today me: der's nothing like giving urself the pleasure u want have u ever had an orgasm? u dint do anything much at the top u came so fast down PM me: oh i'd do anything u want with ur boobs meghana.mrajan: hahaha dude...