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You can do this for free, by using a software called VLC, which is a cross-platform video software.VLC lets you record what is happening on your screen.

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self-servingly, i attempted to analyze the appeal of chatroulette in the Becker/Murphy rational addiction framework here, but i don’t think it really works.

the site is just weird, and think it will just be a short-lived, deeply disturbing novelty.

there’s boatloads of lemons, to be sure; not just obscene scenes, but also just people without their camera on.

however, since the cost of moving on is so low (just press ‘next’), the ecosystem can withstand a huge amount of duds in between worthwhile scenes.

The problem is that a good signal requires a commitment to reputation if you don’t measure up.

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    As digital cameras have become less expensive and more mass-market, there's been an unfortunate dumbing down of camera controls.

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    Just wait to see if he’s acting like a boyfriend FIRST; don’t treat him like one until he’s earned it. Practice sexclusivity (particularly if you can’t handle no-strings-attached sex) I’ve written about this extensively, so I won’t rehash the entire argument.