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Adapting it for the stage has given him the opportunity to broaden characterizations beyond the confines that memoir imposes, inviting us on a two-hour journey through some difficult and compelling character developments.

Front and center is his alter-ego, David, a fussy introvert for whom appearance is paramount, and whose caustic wit too easily turns offensive, killing a succession of his own dating opportunities – all of whom are played by the gifted Max Wolkowitz, who deftly thumbnails a quick succession of characters kept on the credible side of caricature, and then emerges as the fully realized Max, whom he then keeps from seeming The problem is David, and therein are a strength and a weakness of the piece.

After much acrimonious debate and upon the suggestion of Trinidad H.

Pardo de Tavera the body agreed on the creation of a new province independent of the Province of Manila.

This time it’s Stern who burns through a succession of costume pieces and wigs to portray a medley of lonely candidates, and she’s superb at it.