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If you plan to visit chocolate city anytime soon, you may want to check them out to see what’s going on.

Let’s be clear – there’s nothing wrong with having some beers on St. But for some, having a few beers isn’t really an option. As someone that has played, fought, and bonded with other men in sports, martial arts, and lifting weights, it really annoys me that I am being generally lumped in with douchebags that think taking a kiss, or taking a grope is cool. Men of my age (Gen X) have never been the pinnacle of Beta perfection that is pushed as ideal in this modern age.

If you’re in recovery, hoping to provide a child-friendly celebration, or simply not a drinker, it’s easy to feel left out on St. We objectify women unapologetically, we are crude, and we tend to be very stubborn about changing any of that.

This of course includes myself so let me start by saying that this is one man’s opinion. There is however a code that a person can adapt and abide by for life–which makes him stand out as an extraordinary individual–therefore earning the label of “A Man”. Not a specific type of man, but a certain type of man: a gangster and a gentleman all rolled into one.

Though we tend to stay out of politics here at Hall of The Black Dragon, I found it prudent to address the brand new go-to excuse for predatory language–in regards to women–the now trending term of Locker-Room Talk.

As I grew older however, I began to notice that Science Fiction had people who looked like me, whereas Sword and Sorcery didn’t. Now that we’re all about super heroes and white-washed Egyptian gods, I thought that it would be a good idea to post it again … You know, I should do an updated list of the latest set of badasses that have shown up in movies …

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