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What biological reason is there for us to experience emotion when we witness the sunrise?

Is it just the pretty colors that moves us, or is there some intangible quality beyond it that does. Why, when we hear a symphony, do we have the sense that something deeply profound has occurred -- something which helps us briefly grasp the grandeur and goodness of the universe as a whole?

The culmination of the Yom Kippur service and the final push for expanded awareness after 25 hours of joyful work is a cathartic (and loud) seven-fold declaration that -- that the God of this world and the next are one and the same.

So too, the worlds themselves are joint facets of one creation.

"Well," rejoined the soldier, "to be honest, I'm basically looking for ... " shouted the rabbi, "I totally agree." Surprised (and somewhat more warmed to the conversation) the soldier pressed the rabbi to explain. I get it rabbi, you'll say that what I really want is the power and unity and that the music is just a vehicle to get there, right?