Aspxgridview updating

My trigger was doing an insert into a separate table, so I just added this last line to my trigger: I got that error when I was deleting some rows in the DB (in the loop), and the adding the new ones in the same table.The solutions for me was, to dynamicaly create a new context in each loop iteration Wasn't passing the Row Version from the View to the edit Action, plus I forgot to do the model binding for Row Version.Although our grid has more properties enabled and that is where the issue comes from.' Issue set: ' Enable Call Backs=True:scroll will work with keyboard but no custom call backs ' Enable Call Backs=False:customcallbacks is caled but the keyboard scroll highlight will not work.

aspxgridview updating-20

Are you able to view the SQL commands going to your database (EG: SQL Server Profiler for MSSQL)?

This way you could see what update it's generated and should be able to see why that update doesn't affect any rows.

This is happening in a single-user environment (on my dev machine) so I don't think it could be a race condition.

I am binding to a custom grid control with an Entity Data Source so I'm not sure exactly what's happening behind the scenes, but I don't have any extra code of my own that is modifying the tables. I think you can on a per-column basis in your entity model (It's in the properties window), but the thing is that'll just prevent you seeing the error and it'll still not update anything.

it's a must when modifying data within the Grid View had the same problem, i figure out that was caused by the Row Version which was null.

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